Armour-Ride Fork Kit Generic Matte


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The “FORK KIT” Protects your forks from scratches, scuffing and stone chip.

The generic design fits most makes and models and is available in Gloss or Matte.

The acrylic adhesive provides a reliable bond under all environmental conditions and can be removed without residues.

Long term durability, self-healing properties and yellowing resistant.



• Easy DIY application.

• Protects your forks from UV light, stone chips, and scratches.

• Self-healing properties.

• Non-Yellowing.

• Exceptional conformability around curves and recesses.

• Excellent temperature, humidity, and chemical resistance.

• Suitable for all weather conditions.

• Generic fit suites most brands and models.

• Available in Gloss or Matte.



• 1 x Fork Protector RHS (12.5cm x 26.5cm) – A

• 1 x Fork Protector LHS (12.5cm x 26.5cm) – B


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