Blackburn Cinch Carbon Cage


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Blackburn’s lightest bottle cage ever. An elegant and sleek design that has a firm grip to keep your bottles cinched down.


• UD Carbon Fiber – Uni-Directional carbon fiber material allows for maximum strength, and minimal material for ultimate weight savings 

 • Bottle Retention – There is nothing worse than looking down at your bike and realizing that you have one less water bottle than you started with. Our cages are vigorously lab AND field tested at each stage of the development process to ensure that your water is safely held to the bike. 


Black Matte is the lightest color/finish combination. Weight may vary up to 3 grams between other colors/finishes.

Two mounting bolts included.



Length: 140mm/5.51in 

Width: 78mm/3.07in 

Height: 78mm/3.07in 

Weight: 16g/0.04lbs





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