Fabric Saddle Scoop Flat Pro Team Black/Black


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The Scoop Flat Pro Saddle from Fabric is a mid width saddle that provides an efficient supportive platform for an aerodynamic, stretched position. It is the perfect balance of comfort, performance and simplicity.

The Fabric Scoop Flat Pro Saddle, as the name suggests, uses a flat profile, best suited for those who like to ride low, spend time on the drops and ride hard. The lightest shape in the Scoop range, the Flat Pro is suitable for on and off road use. The vacuum bonded upper is attached to a nylon-fibre matrix base and carbon fibre, oval rails. Fabric use 3 shape profiles, Flat, Shallow and Radius. The Flat profile offers an aggressive, race-ready position.

The use of a waterproof, microfibre cover makes the Flat Pro robust and easy to keep clean. This material also adds grip and allows you to move around on the saddle.

Simplicity is at the heart of the Fabric range and the black or white design is a subtle yet stylish finishing touch to what is a fantastic looking saddle.

The strong, lightweight carbon fibre rail is oval, measures 7×9 millimetres and fits a wide range of seat posts.

Weight is important with any saddle, which uses the ‘Pro’ name. The Flat Pro does not disappoint. This high performance saddle tips the scales at a mere 176 grams and like the rest of the Scoop range comes in a 142 millimetre width.


Cover Material – Waterproof microfibre

Padding – Lightweight PU foam

Rails – Solid carbon, 7x9mm oval

Weight – 176g

Extra Features – Fibre re-enforced nylon base



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