Ryder Light Aura 1600 Lumen USB Kit


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Packaging Contents:

– Protective travel case.

– Compact 1600 lumen light unit.

– Handlebar mount.

– USB cable.

– Dual USB car charger.



– Compact 1600 lumen rechargable front light.

– Lightweight Li-ion 5200mah rechargeable battery pack.

– USB rechargeable (Cable Included).

– 5 modes: High-Medium-Low-Flashing-SOS.

– 3-13 Hours run time.

– Digital display screen.

– Built-in power bank.

– Recharging time 2 hours.

– Handlebar mount included.


Operating the light:

1. Push the power button on the top of the light once to switch the light on in High Mode (100% Output).

2. Once the light is on each consequential pressing of the power button will rotate the light through

 it’s various modes. Starting from High to SOS output.


– These are High, Medium, Low, Flash and SOS.

– A1 – Single press of the button – High

– A2 – press twice of button – Med

– A3 – Press three times of button – low

– A4 – Flash

– A5 – SOS

– Off


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